Oxford’s Hard Rock Group studies the structural and metamorphic geology of the Earth’s crust and its mineral resources. We address problems in tectonics and the origin of ore deposits through the application of mineralogy, petrology, structural geology, geochemistry and age determination.

Our scope is defined by the overlapping research interests and expertise of Mike Searle, Dave Waters and Laurence Robb, together with researchers at the Post-doc, D.Phil. and Masters level [see People], reinforced by UK and international collaborations [see Links].

Our main threads include: Tectonics and metamorphism of the Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet region; the Oman Ophiolite and its associated metamorphic rocks; subduction zone metamorphism; metallogeny of gold deposits; the tectonic setting of granite-related mineral resources in SE Asia; migmatites and melting in the crust; metamorphic processes in thermal aureoles [see Projects].

The Group’s main web site is at hardrock.earth.marshwalkwatersports.com